ISBN 9788172237615,Stuffed & Starved

Stuffed & Starved


Raj Patel



HarperCollins Publishers

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788172237615

ISBN-10 8172237618


Number of Pages 415 Pages
Language (English)

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1?? ?Why is there still global hunger? 2?? ?Is there an obesity epidemic? 3?? ?Who invented supermarkets? 4?? ?Who profits from the world's crops? Stuffed and Starved is a searing and incisive examination of the modern global food system, which gives rise to the very incongruity that the book's name suggests. By tracing the entire route of food production, author Raj Patel asks readers to think about the way food comes to the table, to understand the larger implications of supermarket shopping, and to recognize how we ourselves are poisoned by our choices. From the epidemic of farmer suicides in rural India, South Korea, and the United States, to the negotiation of trade alliances through bodies like the WTO and the World Bank, Patel tells a story of greed, power, and corporatization of our food system. Written over three years, with travel ranging from India to South Africa, Mexico, Brazil, South Korea and Italy, Patel describes his journey as painful, but one that ends in hope.

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