ISBN 9788121203937,Styles of Theater Acting

Styles of Theater Acting


Dhir Sunita



Gyan Publishing House

Publication Year 1991

ISBN 9788121203937

ISBN-10 8121203937

Hard Back

Number of Pages 134 Pages
Language (English)

Drama, theatre, acting

The study seeks to clarify myths and concepts about the different styles of acting on the stage. All the major styles of acting-melodramatic, biomechanical, expressionist, symbolist, psychological-naturalist, epic theater-have been included in the book. The discussion of acting styles is marked by lucidity of expression and clarity of argument chastened by a deep insight of a practitioner of the various styles. The study brings into sharp focus the mechanics and dynamics of each acting style and gives a clear and useful guidance to its practitioner as to how to exploit himself as a player whose instrument, too, he himself is. Frequent reference to the Indian performance scenario makes the book eminently meaningful to the Indian theater person and theater lovers. Several interesting, penetrating conclusions have been thrown up. Such as the theater and acting may be realist-theatrical or theatrical-realist, pointing out the duality of their nature. Or, the basic training on the art of acting in same for all actors, only they have to wear about themselves different techniques for shifting over one to the other acting style-or even the medium. Or, how a muddle-headed theoretical understanding of a style may lead to encountering an impact or communication dynamically opposed to the one intended-a sort of a law of reversal operating in the theater.