ISBN 9780375426285,Success




Diversified Publishing

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9780375426285

ISBN-10 0375426280


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)


Featuring a brand new cover and introduction from the author, Success is a perfect gift for college graduates starting their careers or a friend in a mid-career slump.

Lessons in achieving your goals from the world's most accomplished people -- presented in more than 400 quotes, passages, and short anecdotes.
NEW LOOK & INTRO: We're bringing this timeless title up-to-date and giving it a fresh and appealing cover treatment, with a brand-new introduction from the author providing her insights on how to succeed in today's business culture.

HUNDREDS OF NOTABLE CONTRIBUTORS: Absorb career wisdom from more than 400 famously accomplished people in all fields -- business, politics, the arts, spirituality, and more. Woody Allen, Hillary Clinton, Winston Churchill, Warren Buffett, and hundreds of others reveal how they achieved their goals. Quotes and excerpts from interviews, autobiographies, essays, and other sources comprise this book.

INSPIRATIONAL AND MOTIVATIONAL: Open Success anywhere and read a succinct and entertaining lesson in success -- how to achieve it and what it really means. BALANCED APPROACH: Books about setting and achieving goals and the work/life balance have been hugely successful lately. Read about how some of the most successful people boost their careers by incorporating inspiration and insight from their creative and personal lives.

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