ISBN 9788170296720,Success in Electronics

Success in Electronics


T. Duncan


BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788170296720

ISBN-10 8170296722


Language (English)

General studies

Product DescriptionThis text aims to provide an understanding of the basic principles of electronics related to the communication, control and computer systems which affect life. Practical applications of the subject are considered throughout, and actual devices and their uses are described, to encourage the reader to do some electronics. Mathematical requirements have been kept to a minimum.;The book is not based on any single syllabus but is suitable for students taking BTEC units Electronics NII and NIII, City and Guilds Electronics Servicing (course 2240), GCSE and A\'Level course, and short courses in further and higher education.;This second chapter has been updated with additions to certain chapters, particularly those on digital systems and computing.andTable of ContentsPart 1 Basic electricity: direct current; alternating current. Part 2 Components: resistors; capacitors; inductors; semiconductor diodes; transistors; transducers and switches. Part 3 Linear circuits: basic audio frequency amplifiers; more audio frequency amplifiers; radio frequency amplifiers and oscillators; operational amplifiers and linear integrated circuits. Part 4 Digital circuits: basic switching circuits; decision-making circuits; memory-type circuits; more digital circuits. Part 5 Electronic systems: radio, television, audio and communications systems; digital systems; computers and microprocessors; power supplies and test instruments.and