ISBN 9788192280806,Success Is Our Birthright

Success Is Our Birthright


Rupani Reena





ISBN 9788192280806

ISBN-10 8192280802


Language (English)

Adult education, continuous learning

Have you claimed your birthright yet? Here is the story of a man who claimed his, despite all odds stacked against him: Uprooted by the India-Pakistan partition Dropped out of college Started off at a Rs. 150/month job in Ghana Spent sleepless nights on a wooden case Failed in several business ventures Was written-off by family Had no Godfather to show the way Was compelled to leave home with wife and young child Mourned the death of his only son Met with an almost fatal car accident Yet, on the sheer strength of a strong will and unwavering conviction, he created an empire of wealth, power and goodwill with nothing more than a dream as his primary investment. Unstoppable in the face of all odds, Nanik Rupani, who believes that success is our birthright, has proven that one does not have to be extraordinarily placed to rise in life. This biography is a saga which unfolds the life of Nanik Rupani and affords a lesson to young readers to live through life meaningfully and satisfyingly. The book should serve as a great inspiration to those on the threshold of their careers and lives, and to others as an example of how to live life in its totality.