ISBN 9781741148480,Success With Asian Names: A practical guide to everyday usage

Success With Asian Names: A practical guide to everyday usage



Allen And Unwin

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9781741148480

ISBN-10 1741148480


Number of Pages 256 Pages
Language (English)

Practical & applied ethics

Have you ever: wondered how to address people with Asian names in emails and letters? had difficulty entering Asian names into databases? been unsure how to pronounce an Asian name? felt embarrassed or rude because of difficulty with Asian names?

Success with Asian Names is a hands-on guide for teachers, administrators, librarians, health workers and anyone else who works regularly with people of Asian background.

Covering names from China, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, and key language groups from the Indian subcontinent, this is the essential reference guide to using Asian names correctly

About the Author
Dr. Fiona Swee-Lin Price runs regular training courses on the correct use of Asian names and is a specialist in managing cultural diversity.

Table of Contents
Part One
Chapter 1 : Whats in a name?
Chapter 2: Understanding Asian languages: romanisation
Chapter 3: Adapting Asian names: anglicisation
Chapter 4: Managing Asian names
Part Two
Chapter 5: Chinese names
Chapter 6: Korean names
Chapter 7: Japanese names
Chapter 8: Vietnamese names
Chapter 9: Thai names
Chapter 10: Khmer names
Chapter 11: Hindi names
Chapter 12: Sikh names
Chapter 13: Tamil names
Chapter 14: Sinhalese names
Chapter 15: Pakistani names
Chapter 16: Bangladeshi names
Chapter 17: Malay names
Chapter 18 : Indonesian names
Part Three
Chapter 19: Which languages are spoken in Asian countries ?
Chapter 20: Which language is this name from?
Confucian names
Northern Indian and Indo-Chinese names
Names from South India and Sri Lanka
Names from Islamic Asia
Japanese names