ISBN 9788176564014,Successful Projects in Visual Basic

Successful Projects in Visual Basic




BPB Publications



BPB Publications

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9788176564014

ISBN-10 817656401X


Language (English)


This text will be useful for students on a wide range of courses such as ''''A'''' Level Computing. It assumes no knowledge of programming and covers everything needed to write a large program. Part One goes through all the main programming concepts carefully. Part Two covers a variety of topics which students will find useful in their project work. Part Three goes through the design and coding of a sample project. All the material covered in Part One and the project in Part Three can be done using Version 4 or higher of Visual Basic. Some topics in Part Two need Version 5 or higher. Table of Contents: Introduction Part One - Basic Topics Chapter 1 - Introducing Visual Basic Chapter 2 - Working with Controls Chapter 3 - Working with Data Chapter 4 - Selection Chapter 5 - Loops Chapter 6 - Handling Strings, Dates and Time Chapter 7 - Procedures Chapter 8 - Arrays Chapter 9 - Records Chapter 10 - Files Part Two - Further Topics Chapter 11 - Debugging and Error Handling Chapter 12 - Sending Output to the Printer Chapter 13 - Menus Chapter 14 - Graphics Chapter 15 - Relational Databases Chapter 16 - Visual Basic and the Internet Part Three - The Project Chapter 17 - Introduction and Analysis Chapter 18 - Design: Forms, Reports, Files and Data Validation Chapter 19 - Design and System Maintenance: Modular Structure Chapter 20 - Coding: Forms, Standard Modules and Utilities Chapter 21 - Coding: Membership Chapter 22 - Coding: Starting a Game Chapter 23 - Coding: Finishing a Game Chapter 24 - Appraisal Appendices Index