ISBN 9780571245888,Such A Long Journey

Such A Long Journey


Faber And Faber



Faber And Faber

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9780571245888

ISBN-10 0571245889


Number of Pages 339 Pages
Language (English)

Contemporary Fiction

The story takes place in the months leading up to the Indo-Pak war that resulted in the creation of Bangladesh. But, the focus of Such A Long Journey is not that momentous event. The story centers around Gustad Noble, an ordinary man, who would be considered insignificant in the larger context of history. Gustad Noble is a Parsi bank clerk, living with his family in Mumbai. He often recalls his privileged past, when his father was a wealthy man and the family lived a life of luxury. But then, they were swindled by Gustad's own scheming uncle, and fell on hard times. Gustad dreams of a better life for his children, and has worked hard to ensure that they get all opportunities for a bright future. So, his delight at his son having gained entrance to the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology turns to despair when Sohrab turns down the opportunity. To make matters worse, his daughter Roshan falls ill, and he himself is drawn into a clandestine plot by a former friend. This friend has him caught in a trap, as refusal to comply might endanger his family. Set during a tumultuous period in recent Indian history, Such A Long Journey 80th Edition depicts how the lives of ordinary people were affected by the political intrigue and distant conflicts that were going on at that time. About Rohinton Mistry Rohinton Mistry is a Canadian writer of Indian origin. Other books by this author are Tales From Firozsha Baag, A Fine Balance, and Family Matters. His books depict the various facets of Indian society. Rohinton Mistry was born in Mumbai in 1952. He has a BA degree in Mathematics and Economics. He later moved to Canada and earned another BA degree, in English and Philosophy, from the University of Toronto. While at that University, he won two Hart House literary Prizes for two of his short stories. In 1987, Penguin Books published a collection of his short stories titled Tales from Firozsha Baag. His second book, Such A Long Journey won the Governor General's Award and was shortlisted for the Booker Prize.