ISBN 9780740747397,Suddenly Silver: Celebrating 25 Years Of For Better Or For Worse

Suddenly Silver: Celebrating 25 Years Of For Better Or For Worse



Andrews Mcmeel Publishing

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9780740747397

ISBN-10 0740747398

Paper Back

Number of Pages 295 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Millions of readers share a daily relationship with Lynn Johnston and her cartoon family, the Pattersons. Suddenly Silver: Celebrating 25 Years of For Better or For Worse now allows these faithful friends-and new readers, too-to honor that long association through a one-of-a-kind collection of strips and Johnston's musings and comments about her real life and how it's reflected in one of the cartooning world's most loved and followed families.Suddenly Silver is divided into three sections using cartoons from the strip's early, middle, and recent years. This insightful structure enables readers to revisit favorite earlier strips and to watch the development of storylines and the growth of characters over the years. Throughout it all, readers will find the same focus on everyday family life humorously portrayed through the good and the not-so-good days. All the cherished characters are present, including parents Elly and John; their children and grandchild; Grandpa Jim; and the dogs, Farley, Edgar, and Dixie.Johnston's thoughts about them, their individual development, and their familial evolution makes Suddenly Silver particularly captivating. As Lynn describes her work, readers get to share in the Pattersons' rendition of real life, through the heartwarming and the humorous, the tragic and the triumphant. This book, like the cartoon it honors, will make readers smile while emphasizing what's important in life. For Better or For Worse: What a run! What a celebration! What a future to look forward to