ISBN 9788181892676,Sugacane Physiological Basis Of Sugar Recovery

Sugacane Physiological Basis Of Sugar Recovery



IBDC Publisher

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788181892676

ISBN-10 8181892674

Hard Back

Language (English)

Medicine: general issues

Sugarcane accumulates sugar-sucrose in the stalk and after attaining peak-ripening it could be either extracted commercially by the sugar mills or even made into artisan sugars like jaggery, panela, khandsari etc. The present compendium, Sugarcane: Physiological Basis of Sugar Recovery authored by two experienced sugarcane scientists Dr. Ashok Kumar Shrivastava and Dr. S. Solomon of the Indian Institute of Sugarcane Research, Lucknow (India) comprehensively reviews physiological aspects of sugar recovery from sugarcane, viz., composition of sugarcane, biosythesis and accumulation of sucrose, repening, intrinsic and extrinsic factors influencing ripening and sugar accumulation, amelioration of ripening, post-harvest sucrose losses and over-stands, bio-impediments to cane quality and sugar production, breeding for high sucrose contents, management of sugar losses, etc. The futuristic research needs to augment sugar productivity per se has also been discussed.

The book is dedicated to our august readers, planners, researchers and all those who are interested in sugarcane and integrated industry. It is opined that the information presented in this compendium will be fruitfully utilized for improving sugar productivity and making sugarcane agriculture a profitable venture in times to come.