ISBN 9788192956527,Sugar Cure

Sugar Cure



Glittering Ink Publishing

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788192956527

ISBN-10 8192956520

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Dr. vinod k . gujral is an activist physicial, he has successfully co fuouded and managed social and medical ngo s like delhi diabetes forum cardio diabetes research society chikitsa medical society sukh sadan trust he is chief editor of quaterly health magazine dialogue dr gujral is senior consultant at notional heart institue new delhi and speciality clinics defence colony he is president cardio diabetes reserch society 
Dr. Gujral wrote his first book in hindi jeevan madhumeh ke sang in 1999 the book that hindi readers by a pleasant surprise about the desease that is so dreaded can be self managed by most patients this book has been a real best seller all over india specially the hindi heart land till date