ISBN 9780552995825,Sugar Street (The Cairo Trilogy, Volume 3)

Sugar Street (The Cairo Trilogy, Volume 3)


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9780552995825

ISBN-10 0552995827


Number of Pages 320 Pages
Language (English)


Sugar Street, the climactic conclusion to Mafhouz?s masterpiece trilogy, is the captivating portrait of a family struggling to change with the rise of modern Egypt. As Cairo shrugs off the final vestiges of colonialism, Ahmad Al Jawad has lost his power and surveys the world from a latticed balcony. Unable to control his family?s destiny, he watches helplessly as his dynasty and the traditions he holds dear disintegrate before his eyes.nnBut through Ahamd?s three grandsons we see modern how Egypt takes shape. One grandson is a communist activist, another a Muslim fundamentalist, both working for what they believe will be a better world. And Ridwan, the inheritor of his father?s charms, launches a political career aided by a homosexual affair with prominent politician. About the Author Naguib Mahfouz was most prominent literary figure in the Arab world of the Twentieth Century, best known for his Cairo Trilogy (Palace Walk, Palace of Desire and Sugar Walk), which became an international bestseller. He was born in Cairo in 1911 and lived in the suburb of Agouza with his wife and two daughters for the rest of his life. He published more than thirty novels as well as many collections of short stories, plays and screenplays. In 1988, Mr Mahfouz was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, the first Arab writer to win it. In 1994, after the publication of a novel that led him into trouble with Egypt's religious authorities, an attempt was made on his life, but he died peacefully in 2006, aged 94. Table of Contents The Cairo Trilogy has made its mark on Anglo-American literary tastes because of its unusual grandeur, a technically "Good Read" - recalling Dickens, Flaubert, Zola, even Galsworthy - which still engages the dynamic society of Egypt in the first half of the century','His masterpiece','Mahfouz's scope is vast and his concerns are not only still evident today, but crucial','Proust, Tolstoy and Balzac are the names most frequently flung around in company with that of Mahfouz?I thought of Galsworthy, reading Sugar Street','Sugar Street is a marvellous novel, with many messages, open and concealed, for those who will be instructed','Mahfouz's sequence telescopes a family chronicle into an unparalleled picture of Egypt under the British Protectorate'