ISBN 9788188575619,Sumthing Of A Mocktale

Sumthing Of A Mocktale



Srishti Publishers & Distributors

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788188575619

ISBN-10 8188575615


Number of Pages 206 Pages
Language (English)


The book comes from a new author Soma Das, which I unseemingly chanced upon during one of my inane book wanderings, to find that my dad knew the author personally, more his alacrity in getting me the book. Its based on similar lines as other campus novels, and provides a rather welcome respite from the technical jargon (of the novels based in engg campuses) and opens a whole new world of social sciences which I have for that matter long left behind. the story revolves around three friends Kaya, Ragini and Shubhra (how I love those names) and their escapades in JNU and the people who make their campus life even more entertaining. One thing you notice is how JNU, is more of a eastward bound university like none other replete with its Pattnaiks, Roys, Mukherjees, Bannerjees, Jhas, Dass etc etc and devoid of the quintessential Sharmas, GArgs, Guptas and the like that form the majority population of Delhi, more for the reason that Arts does not find many takers in the northern region unless under compulsion (dont think i need to elaborate on the compulsions). I know its a sweeping statement but what the heck?? The book talks about how JNU standardizes you starting from your dressing sense (Fab india kurtas teemed with jeans) to the way you answered your questions in your exams and other subtler aspects of their lives and campus, the maddening rush to prepare for the civil services, which leaves you drained emotionally, physically and mentally, and the bizarre characters (including the profs) that form an integral part of their of their university. You cant help but feel, the fact that the author tries to take a dig at students from smaller towns and their insecurities, in a light hearted manner though, while she tries to project her friends and her rather sophisticated big city upbringing. None the less the book makes for a good read and can be picked at just a hundred bucks.