ISBN 9788131911549,Super Baby Food

Super Baby Food



B.Jain Publishing Pvt. Ltd

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788131911549

ISBN-10 8131911543


Number of Pages 608 Pages
Language (English)

Body & health

How and when to start your baby on solid foods with detailed information on the safest high chair, spoons and other feeding equipment. Which foods to introduce to your baby during each month of his first year with details on proper food consistency, amount and temperature. How much you can expect your baby to eat and drink during the months of his first year with information on his digestive system at each age. The Super baby Food Diet for your baby and toddler with feeding schedules and worksheets which make it easy to feed your baby a healthy, balanced diet. Your babys physical, emotional and psychological development as it applies to self-feeding with a spoon and fork. When you can expect your baby to start finger feeding, drinking from a cup and self-feeding with a spoon a fork. This book will give you the knowledge and confidence to make your own healthy and safe homemade baby vegetables, fruits, cereals and other Super Baby Foods. Food allergies and important food warnings and safety precautions. Hundreds of money saving and time saving child care and kitchen tips. More that 350 quick, easy, delicious, nutritious and sometimes entertaining recipes. How to make meals fun! Food decorating! Cake patterns! Toddler party snacks and favors! Many other entertaining ideas! Recipes for homemade play dough, finger paints, bubbles for blowing and dozens of other childrens crafts. All about nutrition and your baby, including and your baby, including nutrient tables of all major vitamins and minerals with convenient baby-sized portions to help you be sure that your baby is getting proper nourishment. How to save money by making homemade yogurt, fruit leather, and how to grow sprouts, fruit plants and herbs in your kitchen. Easy, economical recipes for homemade baby accessories such as baby wipes, diaper cream and more. baby-safe and environment-friendly recipes for household cleaning products such as baby-safe drain cleaners, furniture polish, window cleaners and more.

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