ISBN 9788171671793,Super Genius Science Quiz

Super Genius Science Quiz


Rupa & Co



Rupa & Co

Publication Year 2004

ISBN 9788171671793

ISBN-10 8171671799


Number of Pages 125 Pages
Language (English)

Puzzles & quizzes

Science Has Never Been More Exciting And Enjoyable - As Well As Scary - Than It Is Today. It Provides Fascinating Insights Into The Way We Live Our Lives And The Tremendous Progress Mankind Has Made In The Past Century, But It Also Brings With It Many Changes That Can Often Seem Daunting. This Quiz Book Will Test Your Awareness About Science And Its Implications In Daily Life. For Instance: What Acid Does Tomato Sauce Contain? What Is The Normal Blood Pressure Of Human Beings? Who Runs The Internet? Who Is The First Asian Woman To Go Into Space? Which Novel Computer Caters To Indian Needs? Which Is The Brightest Planet? Who Is The Father Of Plastic Surgery? This Book Is Guaranteed To Keep Readers One Step Ahead In These Days Of Strife And Competition. About The Author Dilip M. Salwi Is A Delhi-Based Science Writer. A Winner Of Several National Awards And Fellowships For Popularising Science, He Also Writes Science Fiction And Plays Involving Science And Scientists.