ISBN 9788170493570,Superpowering India

Superpowering India


Air Marshal


Manas Publications



Manas Publications

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788170493570

ISBN-10 8170493579

Hard Back

Number of Pages 404 Pages
Language (English)


India is a natural super power kept under leash by colonial control exercised through native leaders. SUPER POWERING INDIA, in nine chapters filled with massive unassailable data, rips open the veneer of socialism to show that the ugliest phase of capitalism is continuing in India for benefit of the elite, in violation of even the inappropriate Indian constitution. In rationality, morality, ethical and religious value systems, SUPER POWERING INDIA treads the path avoided by authorities on welfare economics in the last one hundred years. The book has taken in its ambit all aspects, segments and organs of the state to establish conclusively that delinquencies of high constitutional authorities with debilitated military (with massive inappropriate expenditures) have been effective instrument of torture for control over the country. Armed forces, particularly, the strategic force, Air Force, have been kept sidelined, for facilitating unchecked exploitation of common people. India has wasted much time already. It must shake off its stupor and take control of the geo-politics in the world. The book is all about anticipation of harmonization of the conflicting claims to reveal the meaning of true democracy to avoid Tsunami of irrational public wrath. It places the reader in front of his own conscience and rationality.