ISBN 9788184000863,Superstar Babes

Superstar Babes


Random House



Random House

Publication Year 2009

ISBN 9788184000863

ISBN-10 8184000863

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Number of Pages 288 Pages
Language (English)

Literature fiction

Amber, Jazz and Geena have a brand new mission: they want to get the new school library named after their late mother. All they have to do now is raise 10, 000 pounds. (Did we mention they have only a grand to start with, courtesy Dad?) The sisters try everything from garage sales to slave auctions, until Amber comes up with a daring, small screen solution--the girls are going to stage a homegrown version of popular reality TV series Who's in the House? at their very own Coppergate School.

Quicker than Amber can put on her red Top Shop dress and long boots, the sisters have turned their school into a Big Brother style experiment. But while the show's on for just a week, craziness ensues. For everyone's got something to hide; from Geena, who may have been out on a secret date with a 'real, live boy', to Dad, who's been acting mysterious. It figures that they'll need help from unexpected sources; namely one besotted George Botley who Amber has set impossible feats, inspired by the Labours of Hercules, and who is infuriatingly passing each test, text messaging her and keeping vigils outside her window. Also, excitingly, from Bollywood. Will the Dhillon sisters successfully take on the world of reality TV--and still come back swinging? Full of surprises, Superstar Babes is the hugest, most exciting adventure yet in the popular Babes series.

About the Author
Narinder Dhami is one of three sisters--just like Amber, Geena and Jazz--and the author of the Bend it Like Beckham novelisation, the bestselling Babes series and numerous children's books. Narinder lives in Cambridge with her husband and three cats