ISBN 9780854047970,Supported Reagents and Catalysts in Chemistry

Supported Reagents and Catalysts in Chemistry



Royal Society of Chemistry

Publication Year 1998

ISBN 9780854047970

ISBN-10 0854047972


Number of Pages 243 Pages
Language (English)

Medical genetics

The chemical industry is under increased pressure to develop production models based on cleaner technologies. Effort is being focussed on the development of a range of catalysts and supported reagents which will form the backbone of these new technologies. Supported Reagents and Catalysts in Chemistry presents current attempts to combine the areas of organic synthesis and heterogeneous catalysis with a view to developing new synthetic routes for modern clean production of chemicals. Concentrating on the areas of fine chemicals production using heterogeneous catalysts, supported reagents and pollution abatement technologies, topics include the application of zeolites to fine chemicals production, enantioselective catalysis, polymers as catalysts and supports, and solid acids and bases in organic reactions. Catalyst characterization techniques are also addressed. With contributions from an impressive array of international experts, Supported Reagents and Catalysts in Chemistry will be essential reading to researchers with an interest in this developing area.