ISBN 9781863513753,Surface Works

Surface Works



Sally Milner Publishing

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781863513753

ISBN-10 1863513752


Number of Pages 192 Pages
Language (English)

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Surface Works is about using plain knit or crocheted backgrounds to which surface decoration can be added and the projects in this book were created with that in mind. There are many alternative meanings for decorate, including adorn, bedeck, brighten, do up, embellish, enhance, enrich, festoon, frill, gussy up, jazz up, ornament, and trim, all of which illustrate the focus of Surface Works. Packed full with information, Surface Works contains over 90 original textured and creative stitch motifs to make, plus 34 new projects including 7 garments with full templates and instructions. Jenny's fantastic 'how-to' section is included plus a comprehensive stitch guide. There are three main categories used throughout: Altering the Surface - this can be as simple as adding another thread to an existing one. Using basic stitches and fancy yarns will produce a richly textured surface and therefore result in a much more interesting fabric with little effort on your part. Collaging (or Layering the Surface) - adding objects to the background in combination or isolation such as beads, lace, cloth, braids, knit and crocheted motifs etc. Interrupting the Surface - this entails working in a certain technique such as garter stitch or double crochet (single crochet) for a few cm's (inches) and then introducing something different. For example, changing from knitting to crochet or from one stitch technique to another so that the surface appearance of the fabric changes. The end result of working with these methods can be elaborately ornate, totally crazy or subtle and elegant.

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