ISBN 9788179935149,Surviving Disasters: Chika and the Angry Ocean (Tsunami, Folklore, Miraculous Survival)

Surviving Disasters: Chika and the Angry Ocean (Tsunami, Folklore, Miraculous Survival)



The Energy and Resources Institute

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788179935149

ISBN-10 8179935140


Number of Pages 64 Pages
Language (English)

Fantasy, Horror & Science Fiction

On 26 December 2004, while the world was resting after celebrating Christmas, tsunami struck the Indian Ocean and took Andaman & Nicobar Islands under its spell. Chika, the little boy of the Onge tribe, was warned by the old man in the forest about the ocean rising and swallowing the Earth. The old man's traditional wisdom and Chika's presence of mind saved the lives of the people he loved from the dreadful sway of the killer waves. This story is about Chika's courage, sacrifice, and above all, of the life-wisdom of the Onge tribe!

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About the Author

Suroopa Mukherjee teaches literature at Delhi University. She also enjoys writing fiction for children and young adults. Her stories combine high adventure and serious issues. She admits that writing for children is rewarding, because children are sharp critics and genuine fans.

Table of Contents:

Father Rodrigues' diary entries
Father Rodrigues' first testimonial
Chika's return
A decision and a dilemma
Father Rodrigues' second testimonial
The accusation
The evidence
Yet another testimonial
The clue
The revelation
The judgement day