ISBN 9788132104759,Sustainable Management of Wetlands : Biodiversity and Beyond

Sustainable Management of Wetlands : Biodiversity and Beyond


E Sreedharan


SAGE India



SAGE India

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788132104759

ISBN-10 8132104757

Hard Back

Number of Pages 228 Pages
Language (English)


This volume is a wake-up call to Indians to shape their country as an ethical nation. The articles in the compilation have been written by some of the most eminent thinkers and leaders of India, in various fields, all of whom are known for their commitment to living and working with integrity. It addresses the reasons for the absence of honest, ethical and transparent dealings in all sections of the society, including the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the government. The articles present a credible and practical set of ideas and approaches to raise standards of integrity, ethical behaviour and governance in the institutions of our country. Some of the articles were presented at a two-day conclave organized by the Foundation of Restoration of National Values in New Delhi in November 2008. The compendium not only captures the essence of the conclave, but goes beyond it by providing a roadmap for initiatives that can be taken at the individual and collective levels to transform India into an upright nation?free from corruption, deception and opaqueness in decision making. Table of Contents Message SWAMI BHOOMANANDA TIRTHA Foreword by RATAN N TATA Preface Introduction: What Does it Take to Create an Ethical, Value-based Society? BHARAT WAKHLU Igniting the Truth Within ARUN MAIRA Values in Law Enforcement and the Justice System D R KAARTHIKEYAN Possible Solutions for Nurturing National Values A P J ABDUL KALAM Public Administration in India: Facing an Ethical Crisis E SREEDHARAN The Re-birthing of Indian Society FATHER T V KUNNUNKAL Values versus Institutions: Moving beyond False Dichotomy JAYAPRAKASH NARAYAN The National Value Crisis and its Redressal J S VERMA Eliminating Corruption and Resolving Conflicts: Essential Elements for Societal Morality K G BALAKRISHNAN A Case for Institutionalized Probity in Parliament M N VENKATACHALIAH The Critical Role of Leadership in Restoring Values LAL KRISHNA ADVANI Making Honesty Cool MADHU TREHAN Designing A Value-based System for Dispensing Justice N VITTAL Nationalize Your Minds and Hearts! SWAMI BHOOMANANDA TIRTHA Remembering Our Wholeness ARUN WAKHLU National Values: The Ground and Goal of Administration PRATYUSH SINHA Integrity in Law Enforcement: Imperative for Gaining People?s Confidence SANKAR SEN A New National Order Grounded on Values SOMNATH CHATTERJEE The Need for Values in a Democracy T S KRISHNA MURTHY An Indian Basis for Change TRILOCHAN SASTRY Ethics in Governance: Perspectives from the 2nd Administrative Reforms Commission GOPAL GANESH