ISBN 9788130905044,Sustaining Reform With A Us-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement

Sustaining Reform With A Us-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement



Viva Books Private Limited

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9788130905044

ISBN-10 8130905043


Language (English)

Trade agreements & tariffs

The United States and Pakistan established diplomatic relations in 1947, shortly after Pakistan gained its independence. Since then, relations have alternated between episodes of close partnership and sharp friction - reflecting the ups and downs of global and regional geopolitics. The tides of foreign policy have correspondingly affected trade and investment. Post-September 11th diplomacy has now created a strong relationship between Pakistan and the United States. Would a free trade agreement between these two counties benefit them? What type of economic benefits could be expected? This new book looks at this question and many others and concludes that a free trade agreement between the United States and Pakistan would benefit both countries.