ISBN 9788181892393,Sustatining Traditional Agricultural Practices For Food Security

Sustatining Traditional Agricultural Practices For Food Security



Ibdc Publishers

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788181892393

ISBN-10 8181892399

Hard Back

Language (English)

Mechanical engineering

This book has some unique features. It contains (i) the self-questioning of scientists who had long been used to the reductionist method of science and had become the vehicle of propagating chemicalisation of agriculture as "Scientific Technology", (ii) penetrating observations of some social penetrating observations effect of activists on the deleterious effect of chemicalised farming and (iii) the stories of path breaking efforts in alternative agriculture in pursuit of organism. The very first chapter of the book poses, perhaps for the first time, question of fundamental importance in social philosophy and economics which impinge on agrcultural technology and sustainability of both the production system and society.

The book also discusses (i) the reasons which, after three decades of imitation of the West, have induced the current search for sustainability; (ii) the core principles of sustainbale agriculture; (iii) India's traditional technology of agro-meteorological prediction; (iv) India's indigenus irrigation system which bore the stamp of farmer's creativity and most fruitfully served agriculture need for centuries without causing any adverse ecological effects; (v) the packages of practives speccific to each cultural zone that emerged, evolved and has largely continued to this time; (vi) the crop-Specific farming technologies; (vii) the indigenous animal husbandry technologies. At the end it presents the perspective of research for scientists who now feel finclined to base on, and improve upon, traditional farming technologies. This combination gives the book uniqueness.