ISBN 9788174092323,Switchgear Protection and Power Systems

Switchgear Protection and Power Systems


Sunil S. Rao


Khanna Publisher



Khanna Publisher

Publication Year 2008

ISBN 9788174092323

ISBN-10 8174092323

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Edition 13th
Number of Pages 1339 Pages
Language (English)

Electronics engineering

ook will serve the purpose of source material cum reference and benefit the students pursuing their B.E., B. Tech., M.E. (Electrical), and Power Engineering Training Courses. It is also a ready reference book for Engineers in Electricity Boards, Projects, Consultants, Switchgear Industry and Power Sector

Table of Contents
PART-I (Switchgear and Sub-Station Apparatus)
*Introduction *High-voltage A.C. circuit-breakers *Fundamentals of fault clearing, switching phenomena and circuit-breaker rating *The arc-extinction *Air-break circuit-breaker *Air blast circuit-breaker *Routine, site/field testing of GIS *Minimum oil circuit breaker and bulk oil circuit-breaker *Vacuum interrupter and vacuum circuit-breaker *Testing of high voltage A.C. circuit-breaker *Short circuit testing of circuit-breakers *Insulation requirement and high voltage testing *Installation and maintenance *HRC fuses and their applications *Metal-enclosed switchgear, controlgear and contactor *Low-voltage controlgear and switchgear *HVDC circuit-breaker and metallic return transfer breaker (MRTB) *Electrical substations, equipment and bus-bar layouts *Neutral grounding (Neutral earthing) *Substation earthing system and equipment earthing

PART-II (Fault Calculations)
*Introduction to fault calculations *Symmetrical faults and current limiting reactors *Symmetrical components *Unsymmetrical faults on an Unloaded generator *Faults on power systems * Use of A.C.
Network analyser and digital computer in fault calculations

PART-III (Power System Protection)
*Introduction to protective relaying *Electromagnetic relays *Overcurrent protection and earth fault protection *Differential Protection *Distance protection *Protection of transmission lines *Protection of induction motors *Protection of transformers *Protection of generators *Station bus-zone protection *Current transformers and their applications *Testing and maintenance of protective relays

PART-IV (Static Relays and Static Protection Schemes)
*Introduction to static and microprocessors-based integrated programmable protection, monitoring and control systems *Comparators and level detectors *Static overcurrent relays *Static differential protection of power transformers *Important assorted topics and static protection schemes *Modern protection system

Part-V (Power System Analysis, Interconnection and Power System Control SCADA Systems)
*Power system stability, auto-reclosing schemes, methods of analysis and improvement of transient stability *Load-frequency control, load shedding and static frequency relay *Voltage control and compensation of reactive power *Voltage stability of electrical network *HVDC transmission systems *EHV - AC transmission systems and static var sources *Interconnected power systems *Operation and control of interconnected power systems, AGC and SCADA *Power system planning *Computer aided power system studies *Power system reliability studies *Renewable and conventional energy and power plants *Power flow calculations I & II *Applications of switchgear *Electrical safety *Appendix