ISBN 9788130922652,Symbols Of Authority In Medieval Islam

Symbols Of Authority In Medieval Islam


Blain H. Auer


Viva Books Pvt Ltd



Viva Books Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788130922652

ISBN-10 8130922657


Number of Pages 257 Pages
Language (English)


The sultans of Delhi were situated at the crossroads of history in the Islamic world of the thirteenth century. Mongol rulers were spreading their influence across Central Asia and the Middle East, while in 1258 the Abbasid Caliph was executed, effectively issuing the death knell to the edifice of Sunni authority and legitimacy. In Symbols of Authority in Medieval Islam: History, Religion and Muslim Legitimacy in the Delhi Sultanate, Blain Auer offers a new and highly original look at the emergence of the Delhi Sultanate that explores the intellectual processes through which the first Islamic empire in India was created.

Amidst dramatic political and social changes, Delhi and its sultans stood in a new, elevated relationship of power to the Muslim world. In this context, Auer draws attention to the multiple ways Muslim historians, who functioned under state patronage, narrated the religious values of Islamic courts and their sovereigns through the creative process of history writing. Historians demonstrated their sultans’ affinity, equality and superiority to the exemplary religious figures of Islamic history: the pre-Islamic prophets, Muhammad, the early caliphs and Sufi shaykhs. While aligning the history of the sultans of Delhi with an idealized and universal history of Islam, the Delhi Sultanate was projected as an Islamic empire with the mandate of divine guidance. This work makes a significant contribution to understanding Islamic ideals of religious and political authority at the foundation of Islamic empires. It is essential reading for those with an interest in religion, history, Islamic studies and South Asia.