ISBN 9781259027505,System Dynamicsg

System Dynamicsg



Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9781259027505

ISBN-10 1259027503


Edition 2nd
Number of Pages 852 Pages
Language (English)

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With its strong emphasis on practical applications that help students understand the relevance of what they are learning, the second edition of builds on the strengths of the first edition with a careful and focused reorganization to further improve student accessibility of the material. Table of Contents 1 Introduction 2 Modeling of Rigid-Body Mechanical Systems 3 Solution Methods for Dynamic Models 4 Spring and Damper Elements in Mechanical Systems 5 State-Variable Models and Simulation Methods 6 Electrical and Electromechanical Systems 7 Fluid and Thermal Systems 8 System Analysis in the Frequency Domain 9 Transient Response and Block Diagram Models 10 Introduction to Feedback Control Systems 11 Control System Design and the Root Locus Plot 12 Compensator Design and the Bode Plot 13 Vibration Applications Appendices Guide to Selected MATLAB Commands and Functions Fourier Series Introduction to MATLAB (on the website) Numerical Methods (on the website)