ISBN 9788126916368,Tackling the Maoist Insurgency

Tackling the Maoist Insurgency


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Atlantic Books

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788126916368

ISBN-10 8126916362


Number of Pages 216 Pages
Language (English)

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The Maoist insurgency is the most serious internal security threat that India is facing at present. Many states have surrendered the control of many districts where the Maoists run parallel administration and judiciary. Coal India Limited and a number of other mining companies belonging to both the public and private sector are routinely raided for explosives by the Maoists. State Governments have largely failed to deal with the menace. Central paramilitary forces like the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) and Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) have been deployed in Maoist affected areas to assist the states in restoring law and order and protecting industrial assets. However, the governments and security forces are not winning the battle. On the contrary, the Maoists seem to be gaining in strength. India cannot hope to be a strong and vibrant country when a third of its heartland, which has about 10 per cent of its population remains outside government control. The problem of Maoist insurgency has to be solved. The Central and State Governments of the affected states are beginning to realize the gravity of the situation. But that is not enough. The Governments must have the will and the wherewithal to deal with the problem, defeat the Maoists and win over the Adivasis by treating them as equal citizens of India, giving them their rightful dues and putting an end to centuries of exploitation of Adivasis by non Adivasis. This book seeks to analyze the nature and nuances of the Maoist insurgency and to suggest ways of dealing with the problem. Every effort has been made to view facts and history objectively and to logically evolve a multi-disciplinary approach to deal decisively and effectively with the problem. The subject matter of the book is divided into two parts. Part I focuses on understanding the problem of Maoist insurgency and provides the causes of the problem, details of the movement as well as military tactics of the Maoists. Part 2 is about dealing with the problem. It studies in detail the role of Central Government, State Governments, political parties, judiciary, media, Adivasis and non Adivasis in solving this problem. Adequacy of counter insurgency operations has been analysed. Some effective ways to tackle the situation have also been suggested. The book will prove useful to those concerned directly or indirectly with solving Maoist insurgency problem. To those who wish to know in detail about this problem and various issues involved in it, the book will provide for a richly rewarded reading.