ISBN 9789384544829,Take-2 : 50 Films that Deserve a New Audience

Take-2 : 50 Films that Deserve a New Audience


Deepa Gahlot


Hay House



Hay House

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789384544829

ISBN-10 9384544825

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Number of Pages 312 Pages
Language (English)
An essential resource for scholars, connoisseurs and serious fans of Indian Cinema, Take-2 makes for an entertaining, informative and nostalgia-filled read. In the last few years there has been a glut of books on Indian cinema but most of them focus on the life and times of famous stars or celebrate film classics. While Bollywood was churning out big hits all those years ago there were other film makers and actors of the time who were setting trends, telling moving or amusing stories and adding their bit to the history of Indian cinema. Sadly, so many of them have simply vanished from our collective memory. Even though information and film trivia is now easier to access than ever before some films have completely disappeared with not even a single print now in the public domain due to reasons both practical and strange.
In TAKE-2, Deepa Gahlot brings to life a bygone era and sheds light on a host of films that have either been neglected or ignored. In this meticulously curated list Gahlot reacquaints or introduces us to fifty films (and many artistes) that merit our attention. While some of the films were chosen because they were the first of their kind or were obscure films by well-known directors, others deserve mention because they were by directors whose contribution to Hindi cinema has been overlooked. Gahlots mission to rescue and preserve them for history might well inspire us to go back and take another look