ISBN 9788171088539,Take Back Your Marriage

Take Back Your Marriage



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Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788171088539

ISBN-10 8171088538

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Number of Pages 226 Pages
Language (English)

Marriage & Family

In times of today, we live a hectic fast paced lifestyle. Everything is so mechanical and technology has no doubt brought us closer but yet made us drift us apart. The spouses and the children are engrossed in their own hi-tech mobiles and laptops, social media and the world of internet. Society also pushes you beyond the limit with its changing mores. This affect the family and causes a strain in the married couple's relationships, thus leading to a breakdown in a marriage and ultimately to a Divorce. Even the happiest couples are pulled apart on the rise of many negative social factors. As a wedding consultant Sharon Naylor says that in wedding vows she hears a lot of promises to be together "as long as our love shall last". But according to her she "personally thinks it's quite a statement on today's times - people know the odds of divorce." This book written by a well known family therapist Dr. William Doherty, helps couples pinpoint marital problems and take positive steps to stay close and connected everyday of our married lives. Everything he says in this book hangs on the value of lifelong commitment. The author wrote this book because he thinks that friends and even professionals, such as psychotherapists, sometimes do more harm than good for our marriages, especially when we bring our complaints to them