ISBN 9780141439600,Tale of Two Cities

Tale of Two Cities


Penguin Books



Penguin Books

Publication Year 2003

ISBN 9780141439600

ISBN-10 0141439602


Number of Pages 488 Pages
Language (English)


Doctor Manette is finally released after a long stay of eighteen years as a political prisoner in the Bastille. He is reunited with his daughter Lucie Manette in England. Here, there are two men who are entangled because of their undying love for Lucie: Charles Darnay, and exiled French aristocrat, and Sydney Carton, an infamous English lawyer. They travel from the lanes of London to the streets of Paris during the peak of the Reign of Terror and soon fall under the fatal trap of La Guillotine. This is an edited version of the classic book by Charles Dickens: The Tale Of Two Cities. It uses the text as it had appeared in the book's first serial publication, and contains the original illustrations by H. K. Browne.