ISBN 9788189999841,Tales of Birbal (3 in 1)

Tales of Birbal (3 in 1)


Anant Pai


Amar Chitra Katha



Amar Chitra Katha

Publication Year 1997

ISBN 9788189999841

ISBN-10 8189999842


Number of Pages 32 Pages
Language (English)


Birbal was one of the nine jewels of Emperor Akbar's court. He was a brave and fearless soldier, a loyal minister, and a very efficient administrator. But among all his qualities, the one that made him the Emperor's favourite was his quick and razor sharp wit. He was the Emperor's most trusted minister, his most reliable advisor, who helped him rule the kingdom impartially and justly, and also entertained him with his wit. Birbal's real name was Mahesh Das. The stories of his wit and wisdom have made him legendary. Emperor Akbar depended on this minister when it came to making important decisions. Birbal helped the Emperor in dispensing justice, and in dealing diplomatically with other kings and rulers. He also kept the Emperor grounded, and always stopped him from falling prey to arrogance and ignorance. On numerous occasions, he saved the Emperor from taking wrong decisions and punishing the innocent. Birbal's best quality, however, was that he could make the Emperor laugh. These stories of his wit, his sense of justice, his ability to always outwit his opponents, are undoubtedly the favourite among young readers. In Tales Of Birbal (3 in 1), Anant Pai brings us three of Birbal's most loved tales, Birbal The Wise, Birbal The Clever, and Birbal To The Rescue. These ancient tales of Birbal's wit and wisdom reveal why these tales continue to be popular even today. About Anant Pai Anant Pai was popularly, and lovingly known as Uncle Pai to children all over the country. He was the pioneer of Indian comics. Uncle Pai was a prolific writer and wrote several stories. These include Tales Of Hanuman, More Tales Of Birbal, The Sons Of Shiva, Tales Of Humour, Tales Of Krishna, 3 in 1: Shivaji The Great Maratha, and many others. Anant Pai was born in Karkala, Karnataka, in 1929. In 1967, he started Amar Chitra Katha. He was responsible for bringing several religious, historical, mythological, and folk tales to young Indian readers for years. In 1980, he launched India's first comic, Tinkle, which gained immense popularity. He was also the founder of Partha Institute of Personality Development, which provided correspondence courses in personality development for children and teenagers. Anant Pai passed away on 24th February, 2011.