ISBN 9789380222349,Tales of Inner Strength And Spiritual Values [Pod]

Tales of Inner Strength And Spiritual Values [Pod]


Uma Chopra



GenNext Publication

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789380222349

ISBN-10 9380222343


Number of Pages 79 Pages
Language (English)

Religious Studies

About Book: The bouquet of stories in this book is written in a very lucid manner. Mojority of stories are of bye gone eras and some are more contemporary. The underlining theme in these stories is to throw up characters possessing innerstrength and spiritual values as the title suggests. It is readable and interesting once one picks up this books, one gets engrossed totally and wants to put it down, only when one finishes the books. The true stories are the part of wondering and amazed--especially stories like the fairies dance, the nagta sadhu and few others. The fiction take one in to the realm of the supernatural and we read about rakshas and magic. The imagination of the author takes flight especially while reading, the black magic of Bengal and monkeys and the space craft. The lndianess of the stories is emphasised and a completely new vista opens before us.