ISBN 9781416510949,Tall Dark And Handsome

Tall Dark And Handsome



India Book Distributors

Publication Year 2007

ISBN 9781416510949

ISBN-10 141651094X


Number of Pages 515 Pages
Language (English)


Funny, gorgeous, seriously sexy, Aaron would be the perfect boyfriend - were it not for two minor character flaws: his all-consuming terror of commitment and his complete inability to remain faithful. Nevertheless, when his girlfriend Jeena is faced with exile to India, Aaron conquers his deep-seated fears and agrees to marry her - for one year only. It's an arrangement between friends, that's all. After one year, they will divorce - and things will be back to normal. But it was never going to be that easy. Aaron knows next to nothing of the Indian way, its culture, its rituals, its idealism. When Aaron marries Jeena, he marries her extended family too. The crises, chaos and complications that follow make for a witty and hilarious read. And despite his best intentions, love has a way of creeping up on a man just when he least expects it...