ISBN 9788172345297,Tamanna : A True Story of Forbidden Love

Tamanna : A True Story of Forbidden Love



Fingerprint Publishing

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9788172345297

ISBN-10 8172345291


Number of Pages 248 Pages
Language (English)

Love and Romance

True love is like a permanent state of madness, one that makes us end up doing things we always thought ourselves incapable of. The same happened with Delhi-based Arjun Singh. As a teenager, he made fun of romantic movies and love songs. Even when he got married, he only gradually fell in love with his wife - their love was mature and pure and had none of the madness that love stories are made of. But his story only begins here, One day at a party, he meets Tamanna, who looks breathtaking beside her overweight and pompous husband. Her arrival turns Arjuns life around. He does everything love-struck teenagers are known to do from writing poetry and letters to checking his phone every few minutes. He pines, he sings, he cries, he obsesses, he hyperventilates, he regrets, he scolds himself, he broods, he dreams and he loves - Truly and helplessly. And as time passes, the gradual revelation of Tamannas maturity, her thoughtfulness and her witty personality leave Arjun completely awestruck. But his is not a usual love story, for he is married and so is she. Heartbreaking and inspired by the authors life story, Tamanna is a journey through a mans heart, exploring, as it does, how it is possible to love more than one person at the same time and how love heeds no reason and no boundaries.

About the Author
Inherently curious about relationships and mysteries surrounding human emotions, Tejeshwar Singh runs a software consultancy firm in Delhi. He was a little late in realizing his passion towards creative writing, but doesnt regret it. This is his second book and was almost auto-writing - it emerged from the deepest confines of his sub-conscience. His first book, Ive Had Enough, God!, was published by Rupa in 2009.