ISBN 9788185860572,Tea Cultivation Comprehensive Treatise

Tea Cultivation Comprehensive Treatise


N Ghosh Hajra


Ibdc Publishers



Ibdc Publishers

Publication Year 2001

ISBN 9788185860572

ISBN-10 8185860572

Hard Back

Number of Pages 500 Pages
Language (English)

Engineering measurement & calibration

The unique feature of the book is the incorporation and synthesis of available knowledge on more operative aspects of tea cultivation, ranging from the history of 5000 years old crop, nursery, planting materials, fertilizer management, pesticide residues, biological control, integrated pest and disease management, organic tea- and many more. The present comprehensive book provides adequate information emanated from current and classical research on tea world over, backed by discussions on different facets of tea cultivation and opens up new vistas of discoveries for researchers as well as serve as a vade-mecum for the vigilant tea growers, and offers alternate solutions of persistent problems for policy planners. Relevant interesting information/research findings have been providedin boxes in most of the chapters. Colour photographs, useful diagrams have also been reproduced.

About the Author
Dr. N Ghosh Hajra heading Darjeeling Tea Research and Development Centre, Tea Board of India as Project Manager. He did his Master degree from the University of Calcutta, and a Doctorate from Burdwan University. He has been the recipient of CSIR Post Doctoral Scholarship. Nikhil Ghosh Hajra was a visiting scientist in Belgium at the invitation of the University of Antwerpen. Dr. Ghosh Hajra has been invited speaker at several International conferences including those held at Bordeau, France and Brussels, Belgium. He is associated with different professional bodies including Academy of Plant Sciencies, India. Dr. Ghosh Hajra has authored 66 research papers, monographs in professional journals of International repute and one book besides a large number of popular articles. His work and publications attracted awards and gold mdeal.