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Publication Year 2013

ISBN 9788132111221

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Sailing Safe in Cyber Space is a very good resource on safe computing and gives in depth exposure to the various ways in which security of information might be compromised, how cybercrime markets work and measures that can be taken to ensure safety at individual and organizational levels. Cyber security is not just a technical subject that can be resolved like any other IT related problem, it is a risk that can be mitigated by creating awareness and getting the right combination of technology and practices based on careful analysis. This book combines insights on cyber security from academic research, media reports, vendor reports, practical consultation and research experience. The first section of the book discusses motivation and types of cybercrimes that can take place. The second lists the major types of threats that users might encounter. The third discusses the impact, trend and role of the government in combating cybercrime. The fourth section of the book tells the readers about ways to protect themselves and secure their data/information stored in computers and the cyberspace. It concludes by offering suggestions for building a secure cyber environment. TABLE OF CONTENTS : - Preface I: Motivation and Types of Cybe Crime Introduction Identifying Cyber Crime Motives How Can You Be Affected by Cyber Crime II: THREATSSpam Methods Malware Tools Phishing Ways Identity Theft Methods Denial of Service Attack Damage by Botnets Hacking and SQL Injection Social Engineering Techniques Newer Threats III: Impact, Trends and Role of Government in Combating Cyber Crime Impact of Cyber Crime / Trends in Cyber Crime Role of Government and Regulatory Mechanism IV:Being Safe, Being Cyber Secure Sailing Safe Suggestions for Building a Security Program and Concluding Remarks Bibliography