ISBN 9788120343726,Techniques And Guidelines For Social Work Practice

Techniques And Guidelines For Social Work Practice



Prentice Hall Books

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788120343726

ISBN-10 8120343727


Edition 9th
Number of Pages 500 Pages
Language (English)

Social work

This unique text emphasizes the different techniques needed for successful social work practice.

The new edition has been carefully updated to provide students with easy access to the most current information on fundamental techniques required for social work practice from the generalist perspective.

New To This Edition

The important social work role of researcher/evaluator and the associated functions is made more explicit.
A new item addresses the difficult task of enhancing client motivation to actively address their situations.
New items on helping clients address harmful habits and financial problems.
Two new items address clients impacted by the criminal justice system and clients affected by war.
Table of Contents
Part 1: Social Work and the Social Worker.
Chapter 1: The Domain of the Social Work Profession.
Chapter 2: Merging Person with Profession.
Chapter 3: Merging the Person's Art with the Profession's Science.
Part 2: The Building Blocks of Social Work Practice.
Chapter 4: The Roles and Functions Performed by Social Workers.
Chapter 5: Guiding Principles for Social Workers.
Chapter 6: Practice Frameworks for Social Work.
Chapter 7: Using Evidence to Guide the Change Process.
Part 3: Techniques Common to all Social Work Practice.
Chapter 8: Basic Communication and Helping Skills.
Chapter 9: Basic Skills for Agency Practice.
Part 4: Techniques and Guidelines for Phases of the Planned Change Process.
Chapter 10: Intake and Engagement.
Chapter 11: Data Collection and Assessment.
Chapter 12: Planning and Contracting.
Chapter 13: Intervention and Monitoring.
Chapter 14: Evaluation and Termination.
Part 5: Specialized Techniques and Guidelines for Social Work Practice.
Chapter 15: Guidelines for Working with Vulnerable Client Groups.
Chapter 16: Techniques for Sustaining Social Work Practice.