ISBN 9781422110584,Ten Rules For Strategic Innovators: From Idea To Execution

Ten Rules For Strategic Innovators: From Idea To Execution



Harvard University Press

Publication Year 2006

ISBN 9781422110584

ISBN-10 1422110583


Language (English)


Strategic innovation is concerned with making breakthroughs on a continuous basis for the growth of any organisation. It includes certain fundamental concepts and the implementation of strategic goals.

Ten Rules For Strategic Innovators: From Idea to Execution, written by Vijay Govindarajan in association with Chris Trimble, focuses on the fundamental idea of making an organisation survive in the market through the execution of clever strategies. According to the authors, only a handful of organisations have realized the importance of implementing strategic innovation in order to achieve success in their respective fields. This book is an intricate reference book for the managers and administrators in any organization, to help them practice innovative strategies.

The content is systematically divided into ten chapters that deal with various strategic ideas. It provides rules and tips for an organisation to improve in the fields of innovation, beginning with a vision and carrying it forward to the execution of the goal.