ISBN 9788173718298,Textbook of Basic and Clinical Immunology

Textbook of Basic and Clinical Immunology



Lippincott Williams And Wilkins

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9788173718298

ISBN-10 8173718296

Paper Back

Edition 7th
Number of Pages 944 Pages
Language (English)


Manual of Clinical Oncology is a concise pocket manual that incorporates basic science, clinical findings and available technology into the diagnosis and management of cancer. It focuses on information useful for participating in rounds and for making diagnostic and therapeutic decisions at the bedside of cancer patients. The seventh edition is a practical, accessible, comprehensive guide to the management of patients with cancer.

In an outline format designed for rapid reference, the book begins with principles of cancer management (Section I), proceeds through the specific malignancies (Sections II and III) and then focuses on the organ-specific complications of cancer, whether due to the disease or its treatments (Section IV). The unique appendixes permit better readability within the chapters by placing frequently referenced, large, complex and detailed tables at the end of the book.

Book Features:

Concise, treatment-oriented presentation in outline format
Chapters carefully edited to eliminate duplication
Great for quick, look-it-up" referral
Table of Contents:

Principles and Definitions
Nuclear Medicine
Radiation Oncology
Cancer Chemotherapeutic Agents
Supportive Care
Talking with Cancer Patients and Their Families
Head and Neck Cancers
Lung Cancer
Gastrointestinal Tract Cancers
Breast Cancer
Gynecologic Cancers
Testicular Cancer
Urinary Tract Cancers
Neurologic Tumors
Endocrine Neoplasms
Skin Cancers
Cancers in Childhood
Miscellaneous Neoplasms
Metastases of Unknown Origin
Hodgkin and Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma
Plasma Cell Dyscrasias and Waldenstrm Macroglobulinemia
Chronic Leukemias
Myeloproliferative Disorders
Acute Leukemia and Myelodysplastic Syndromes
Sexual Function and Pregnancy
Metabolic Complications
Cutaneous Complications
Thoracic Complications
Abdominal Complications
Renal Complications
Neuromuscular Complications
Bone and Joint Complications
Hematologic Complications
Infectious Complications
AIDS-related Malignancies
Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation