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Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9780071070072

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Number of Pages 844 Pages
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Science fiction

This textbook is designed to provide essential knowledge on the subject. It is a perfect amalgamation of fundamentals, historical aspects and modern findings. Well-connected chapters in each section along with illustrations, tables, and graded chapter end questions make it a user-friendly textbook. Salient Features Covers all the important subject areas Microbiology, Biochemistry, Genomics, Proteomics, Molecular Biology, Recombinant DNA Technology (RDT), etc. Industrial and application orientation Industrial Linkages through Case Studies Biotech Laboratory Techniques PCR, Electrophoresis, Chromatography, RDT and Genetic Engineering Rich pedagogy o More than 600 illustrations add to visual account Graded chapter-end questions patterned as per Indian university examinations Important terms provided in the Glossary TABLE OF CONTENTS Section I: INTRODUCTION TO BIOTECHNOLOGY 1. Biotechnology: An Overview, Scope and Importance Section II: BIOCHEMISTRY 2. Biomolecules 3. Biophysical Chemistry 4. Metabolic Pathways and Regulation Section III: CELL BIOLOGY 5. Cell Biology Microbial Physiology, Pathogenesis and Genetics Section IV: MOLECULAR BIOLOGY 7. Dna Replication, Repair and Recombination 8. Transcription and Translation 9. Rna Processing 10. Regulation of Gene Expression Section V: RECOMBINANT DNA TECHNOLOGY (GENETIC ENGINEERING) 11. Molecular Tools and Technology in Genetic Engineering 12. Gene-Product Engineering 13. Transgenic Technology Section VI: PLANT BIOTECHNOLOGY 14. Plant Biotechnology Section VII: ANIMAL BIOTECHNOLOGY 15. Animal Biotechnology Section VIII: IMMUNOTECHNOLOGY 16. Basic Immunology 17. Immunotechnology Section IX: HEALTH AND MEDICAL BIOTECHNOLOGY 18. Biotechnology in Human Welfare Section X: MOLECULAR GENOME MAPS 19. Molecular Markers and Genome Mapping Section XI: INDUSTRIAL AND MICROBIAL BIOTECHNOLOGY 20. Basic Enzymology and Enzyme Biotechnology Review Questions 21. Industrial Microbiology 22. Bioprocess Engineering and Technology Section XII: BIOTECHNOLOGY AND ENVIRONMENT 23. Environmental Biotechnology 24. Bioenergy Technology Section XIII: RULES, REGULATIONS AND ETHICAL ISSUES IN BIOTECHNOLOGY 25. Bioethics Section XIV: GENOMICS, PROTEOMICS AND BIOINFORMATICS 26. Genomics and Proteomics 27. Bioinformatics Section XV: PRACTICAL IN BIOTECHNOLOGY 28. Basic Experiments