ISBN 9788120341838,Textbook Of Fabric Science : Fundamentals To Finishing

Textbook Of Fabric Science : Fundamentals To Finishing





PHI learning Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9788120341838

ISBN-10 812034183X


Number of Pages 272 Pages
Language (English)

Social Sciences

This book is a small step in the direction of giving an Indian perspective in understanding the world of fabrics by explaining the factors that contribute to the aesthetics as well as performance of a textile product. Organised in five parts, this book adopts a systematic approach in defining and exploring the concepts of fabric science. Part I (Fundamentals) discusses the history, composition, classification and properties of textile fibres. Part II (Fibre) focuses on the typical traits of the fibre family. Part III (Yarns) deals with yarn production and its properties. Part IV (Fabrics) covers weaving, knitting and other miscellaneous methods of fabric construction along with the emphasis on the type of fibres used in each case. Part V (Finishing) highlights the colouration and functional finishes of any fabric. Intended for the undergraduate students of Home Science and Fabric and Apparel Science, the book will also cater to the various courses of fashion designing institutes. Key Features : Relevant illustrations and images to help in grasping the steps of fabric construction. Chapter-end exercises aimed at testing the factual knowledge, understanding and application of the concepts. Simple examples from everyday life to instil a sense of curiosity in the reader's mind to know more about the intriguing world of textiles.