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Textbook Of Marketing





Oxford University Press

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9780195687170

ISBN-10 0195687175


Number of Pages 658 Pages
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Under the careful editorship of Keith Blois, the text has been made an integrated whole. Each chapter is written to a common template and reading style. Textbook of Marketing provides an authoritative, comprehensive, and global overview of the theory and practice of marketing, designed for all students of the subject throughout the World. Unlike most other textbooks on the subject, in which two or three authors seek to cover the whole subject,this book brongs together the expertise of 33 leading academics from 17 different countries and 4 continents,each of whom is a specialist in the chosen subject area. Key Features A Wealth of learning aids, inluding substantial international case material to reinforce learning A detailed longer case study to conclude each mojor section fo the book over 100 figures and tables containing extra empirical detail A system of each chapter links provides in-text pointers to related discussions in other parts of the text A thorough glossary About the Author Keith Blois ,is a Fellow in Industrial Marketing and a Member of the Oxford Institute of Strategy and International Management at Templeton College,University of Oxford.Also University Lecturer in Management Studies at the Said Business School,University of Oxford Table of Contents Part One Customers,Markets,and Marketing Introduction : What is Marketing About ? Market Orientation and its Implications The Consumer in the European Union Intermediaries The Structure of EU Industry and Services Case 1. Return Part Two Understanding and Assessing Buyer Behaviour Consumer Behaviour Organizational Buying Behaviour Market Information and Research Case 2. Newland plc Part Three The Product offering The Marketing Mix as a Creator of Differentiation Pricing Marketing-Channel Management Marketing Communications Sales-force Management Product Management Case 3. Chinese Business Service Centre Part Four Formulating and Implementing Marketing Strategy Offerings and Markets : The main Elements of Strategic Marketing Decisions Market Segmentation Interdepartmental Interfaces Strategic Marketing in a Modern Economy Marketing Planning Case 4. The Peerless Saw Company Part Five Issues in Implementing Marketing Strategies Brand Management The Marketing of Services Relationship Marketing in Consumer Markets Relationship Marketing in Organizational Markets : From Competition to Cooperation Designing and Marketing New Products