ISBN 9789380156958,Textbook of Physical Chemistry: Volume 3

Textbook of Physical Chemistry: Volume 3


R J Shukla


Ane Books Pvt. Ltd



Ane Books Pvt. Ltd

Publication Year 2010

ISBN 9789380156958

ISBN-10 9380156952

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Number of Pages 220 Pages
Language (English)


Volume III of thes book comprises of the IIIrd unit of UGC model syllabi and includes chapters on quantum mechanics, spectroscopy, photochemistry, physical properties and molecular structure and colligative properties. Keeping up the tradition set in Volume I and Volume II here also the authors have focused on the concepts and introduced the subject matter incorporating the recent advances in the topics covered. To facilitate the understanding of the subject- figures, graphs and examples have been used extensively. Quantum mechanics is the back bone of the modern physical chemistry and includes topics like Schrodinger wave equation, Hamiltonian operator and wave function etc. Chapter on spectroscopy highlights the role of infra-red, ultraviolet, visible, microwave and Raman spectroscopy in elucidation of molecular structure in modern day chemistry. The chapter on photochemistry includes basic laws, explanation of role of Jablonski diagrams and theories of various phenomena like phosphorescence, fluorescence, photosenitization and RET(resonance energy transfer). Next chapter on physical properties and molecular structure includes study of optical rotation, dipole moment, polarization, magnetic properties and their role in determining structure of compounds and materials. The last chapter in this volume is on colligative properties like osmotic pressure, elevation of b.p., depression of f.p. and relative lowering of vapour pressure emphasizing their role in determination of molecular weight of dissolved substances, their dissociation and association. As in Volume I and II here also every chapter includes basics interspersed with solved examples and adequate number of objective, short answer and subjective questions at the end of the chapter. These features make the book useful to students appearing in degree examinations as well as in preparing them to be successful in competitive examinations.