ISBN 9789381450437,Textbook Of Seed Science & Technology

Textbook Of Seed Science & Technology



New India Publishing Agency

Publication Year 2012

ISBN 9789381450437

ISBN-10 9381450439

Hard Back

Number of Pages 340 Pages
Language (English)

Science & Technology

A Text Book of Seed Science and Technology: Seed ScienceandTechnology is the science of new discipline which deals withtheprinciples and methods of production of Quality Seed andimprovingthe quality of the seed by various seed enhancementtechniquesstarting from sowing till the storage. The Importance ofSeedQuality can be felt by the proverb "what are known as Seeds ofHopemay turn into Seed of Frustration if Quality is notmaintained".The Multidisciplinary development of the subject hasnecessitatedan up to-date knowledge of this aspect of science inorder to trulycomprehense synthesis of the whole field of seed. Thesplendidgrowth of this science has catered to the development ofrelatedareas viz., Biology, Physiology and Biochemistry which hasdirectand indirect impact on Seed Science and Technology. Thechapters ofthis book have been formulated to help the reader inacquiring theknowledge of Seed Technology starting from SeedBiology to seedProcessing and care is taken to cover the basic andfundamentalaspects of Seed Technology. It also includes the area ofappliedscience and covers the area of seed legislation, lawgoverning theseed production and marketing of the producedseeds.