ISBN 9789382536727,That Man in the Mirror Love....Lust.......Life.......

That Man in the Mirror Love....Lust.......Life.......



Lifi Publication Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 2015

ISBN 9789382536727

ISBN-10 9382536728


Number of Pages 210 Pages
Language (English)


About Rajeev Ranjan Rajeev Ranjan graduated in physics from University of Delhi in the year 1996. He works for Government of India in senior executive position. A voracious reader and writer, Rajeev has written two more bestselling novels. About the book How far one should go to help his sibling... Can we draw a line in blood relationships? What happens...when we stop counting our blessings and long for fictitious pleasures, when lust takes over gentle senile notions of love and when you lie to yourself and then justify it? Is there any date sheet for emotions? This novel tries answering these questions through a beautiful story. Besides it also touches the emotions that cross our heart when we embark on the journey of betrayal. It is also an attempt to locate that man in the mirror that we generally choose to ignore.