ISBN 9788183520003,That's The Life Baby

That's The Life Baby



Mahaveer Publishers

Publication Year 2005

ISBN 9788183520003

ISBN-10 8183520006


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)


Sixteen is sweet, Seventeen sweeter and Eighteen is the sweetest! He thinks so. What about Love at Eighteen? It happens, everyday! Doesn't it? True for him! Have a lot of girls in your life. It feels macho to have options. Girls don't need the advice. They are the wiser sex and have been playing multi-boying games for eons. .....But he has three gorgeous damsels, all envious and shooting high testosterone levels. How will you thank god if your balcony faces a girls' hostel? .....By being there 24*7? May be! Exactly what he aims at! Skirts lead to scandals. Don't they? Ban it or allow scandals. He loves both, skirts and scandals. What does he think about 'committed' tag? You can't keep on eating the same chocolate all the time! Feels like jailed!!! Meet Abhi. He is one of you with a devil's head! A year at Kota and his life remains no more the same. It all starts with a Bollywood-style love at first sight with Aditi. He sees, he falls, he cajoles and a little luck makes them one! Together they write new rules of dating & romance. Their amorous adventures will make you feel the passion of adolescence. But one day everything changes. How? What? Why? Answers lie in the story. A stormy honeymoon of emotions......Get ready to laugh and cry!!!

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