ISBN 9788184952704,The 7 Worst Mistakes Investors Make

The 7 Worst Mistakes Investors Make



Jaico Publishing House

Publication Year 2011

ISBN 9788184952704

ISBN-10 8184952708


Number of Pages 224 Pages
Language (English)


THE DEADLY SINS OF INVESTING AND HOW TO SAVE YOUR FINANCIAL FUTURE Perhaps you hope that your investments will take you to financial heaven. But what if you are already on a path that could condemn your financial future to the eternal fires of... well, you know where. There is still time. Recognize the potential danger in every investment decision. Don't succumb to one or more of the 7 WORST MISTAKES: ENVY: Do you constantly judge your own success by that of others, resenting their success when your own investments falter? VANITY or PRIDE: Do you refuse to accept help or advice from others because you alone know what's best? LUST: Do certain investments seem overpoweringly attractive to you (perhaps because of media hype or industry buzz) despite what common sense and cold, hard numbers tell you? AVARICE or GREED: Do you hold on to investments long after they've lost their value, convinced that someday they will deliver a big return? ANGER or WRATH: Do short-term changes in the market or your portfolio frustrate you? Do you sacrifice long-term growth for the "quick hit"? GLUTTONY: Do you gobble up every stock in sight, not caring about your overall financial health? SLOTH: Probably the most pervasive and dangerous sin of all. Have you been ignoring your financial future all along? Veteran investment professional Maury Fertig helps you identify those sins of which you may have been - or continue to be - guilty, and presents a clear and accessible path to financial salvation. Filled with tales of woe of big and layman investors - and concrete directions showing you how not to commit the same mistakes - The 7 Worst Mistakes Investors Make not only reveals the dark path on which you may now tread, but also lights a clear and safe road to financial paradise.