ISBN 9780007282531,The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding

The Adventure of the Christmas Pudding



HarperCollins Publishers

Publication Year 2002

ISBN 9780007282531

ISBN-10 0007282532


Language (English)
The Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding, first published in 1923, is a mystery novel starring Detective Poirot.
In The Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding, a beautiful ruby is stolen from a prince by a dubious young lady. Poirot is sent to an English country house, as this is where the mystery can be solved. The house is owned by the elderly Mrs. Lacey, and her husband, Colonel Lacey.
Poirot joins in the festive celebrations, and on Christmas eve meets Colin, Mrs. Lacey's grandson, Bridget, Mrs Lacey’s great niece, and Michael, Colin’s school friend. The three children decide to arrange a false murder to test Poirot’s detective skills. Their plan is to make Bridget lie on the snow, with blood around her, and have footprints leading to the crime scene.
In The Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding, on the night before Christmas, Poirot finds a note on his pillow which says, “Don’t eat none of the plum pudding. One who wishes you well.” This leaves the Belgian quite confused. After dinner on the 25th, the butler serves everyone the Christmas pudding. While eating the dessert, Colonel Lacey chokes on a piece of red glass. The detective decides to keep the piece, and then goes back to his room and pretends to sleep. He soon realizes that someone has come into his room, and is searching for something. On the morning of Boxing Day, the children implemented their plan of murdering Bridget. In the meanwhile, they wake up the detective who finds that Bridget has actually died. Will Poirot be able to find the ruby and solve this murder case in The Adventure Of The Christmas Pudding?
This book was adapted into a TV programme in 1991. In 2006, it was also dramatised for BBC Radio 4.
About Agatha Christie
Dame Agatha Mary Clarissa Christie, born in 1890, was an English author.
Christie’s stories include The Secret Adversary, The Mystery of the Blue Train, Evil Under the Sun and A Caribbean Mystery.
The author joined the Voluntary Aid Detachment during World War I, where she nursed wounded soldiers. She has written more than sixty detective novels, which have sold about 4 billion copies worldwide. She is the best-selling novelist of all time, as listed on the Guinness Book of World Records. As per Index Translationum, she is also the most translated individual author, with her works been translated into over a hundred languages. The Mousetrap, a play by Christie, is the world's longest-running play. In 1955, the author was awarded the Grand Master Award, which is the Mystery Writers of America's highest honour. She also won the Edgar Award for best play. In 1971, Christie was honoured with the title of Dame by Queen Elizabeth II. She passed away in 1976.