ISBN 9789384225308,The Adventures Of Pilla The Pup And Other Stories

The Adventures Of Pilla The Pup And Other Stories


Uma Anand



Om Books International

Publication Year 2014

ISBN 9789384225308

ISBN-10 9384225304


Number of Pages 208 Pages
Language (English)

Short stories & other fiction

The adventures of Pilla the Pup and other stories is a delightful collection of three classic tales. The book emphasizes the importance of friendship, being brave and accepting ones uniqueness.

Dul Dul the magic clay horse is a funny, heart-warming tale of escapades of the oddest and naughtiest little Dul Dul the magic clay horse and his gang of friends Pilla the Pup, Pitki the squirrel, Cheep Cheep the birdling and Sonoo the potter.

The adventures of Pilla the Pup, which is a sequel to the first story, is about the mad adventures of Pilla the Pup, a black and white patched, woolly ball of bounce and trouble.

The tale of lumbdoom the long-tailed langur is about the exploits of the lovable langur with his friend dumkat (The fox with no tail) and how the two of them with the langur Bhola Bandar and old Miyan Mitthu the parrot, get rid of ajgar the python and Bhayanak Bheriya, the horrible wolf.

Uma Anand (1923- 2009) was born in Lahore, Pakistan. She was a well-known journalist and childrens author. For many years she wrote as aunty Wendy in the Illustrated weekly of India and was the editor of the journal Sangeet Natak. Uma Anand also conducted the childrens hour programme over all India radio in New Delhi and Mumbai.

Mario Miranda (1926 - 2011) was born in Daman. He was one of Indias most versatile and celebrated illustrators, who began his career as a cartoonist for the times of India group and later had illustrated several books. Mirandas murals are present on various buildings in Goa and other parts of India.