ISBN 9788171560462,The Akbar Nama (Volume - 1)

The Akbar Nama (Volume - 1)



Atlantic Publishers & Distributors Pvt Ltd

Publication Year 1997

ISBN 9788171560462

ISBN-10 8171560466


Language (English)

Classic fiction

Abu'l-Fath Jalal ud-din Muhammad Akbar was the third Mughal emperor. The son of Humayun and the Grandson of Babur himself, Akbar ruled over the Mughal empire for over four decades. A patron of art, literature, science and culture, Akbar's court was home to some of the wisest minds in the land. His court boasted nine men so intelligent and renowned that they were called the Nine Jewels. Among them was Abu'l Fazl who was given the supreme duty of writing Akbar's own story, the Akbarnama. The work took seven years to complete, incorporating a number of paintings after the Mughal School of Art and was considered a work ahead of its time for the art contained therein.
About the Writers
Shaikh Abu al-Fazal ibn Mubarak, Abu'l-Fazl was the vizier of Akbar and his official historian. He was also one of Akbar's Nine Jewels.
Attracted by Akbar's liberal views on religion, Abu'l Fazl came to his court in 1575 and stayed until his eventual assassination by Akbar's son Jahangir.